Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Kids Afterschool Art Classes

The Fall session is now enrolling. Classes start October 1st. Find all the details on the classes page.

It was a very inspiring summer, lots of travel, relaxing, reading and art camps. I am ready for a change of seasons and fall art classes. Here's some more shots from this summer's  acrylic painting boot camp.

Acrylic on wood panels 6"x6" by 4th and 5th grade students.

Model for the day.

Group shot!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Acrylic Painting Camp and Fall Classes

Stay tuned for the fall schedule, it will be posted shortly! 

This summer's Acrylic Painting camp for artists age 9-12  was a huge success. I am slowly catching up with the photos of all the work we completed. Here's a few shots from one of our still life painting days.

Paintings are 5"x5" acrylic on wood panels

We started by doing contour line studies of the fig, followed by detailed sketches with shading, then went on to our paintings.

Group shot!

Our model, essential for observational drawings!
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