Friday, June 7, 2019

Kids Summer art camps are here!

Summer camps are now registering! Find all the information on the classes page.

I look forward to summer camps when students can dig deeper into projects and explore a theme in a variety of mediums over the course of consecutive days. Our backyard artist studio is an inspiring space where individuality is encouraged. Small class sizes allow for personal attention and safe space for the development of ideas and friendships.

We've been working on larger format block prints with a few of my private students. The block size is 8x8. I just love it!

Day 1: Our first session was spent with a quick brainstorming session for ideas. From the studio window our Weber Bbq is visible and that was one of the ideas my student had. His father loves to grill, so we took the idea and I had my student do 4-6 different thumbnail sketches. From there, he picked his favorite and we discussed composition, design elements and pattern. A few more sketches and he had a finished drawing an hour later. I like to use a sharpie to define which areas will be carved away.

Day 2:  The drawing was scaled up using a simple grid and put onto the carving block, the block carved and proofs printed both by hand and on the press. With its larger size, the proof pulled on the press gave us the best results.

Day 3: With everything in order in the studio we printed the edition. I have a table set up with the press in the middle. to one side is the ink and a place to roll up the plate. On the other side a separate table with a pile of printing paper torn down to the correct size and an area to put the finished prints.
Order is extremely important to insure a good flow and keep the prints clean.

Ta da!!!!

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