One on One

One of the most historically successful and rewarding teaching methods resulting in true mastery of a subject is sustained individual lessons. Similar to the way kids learn well with weekly piano lessons, our students rapidly progress during individualized weekly art instruction.

Private lessons  meet once a week for  1 hour sessions.  We'll cover the foundations of art while students explore a variety of art materials including pencil, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels as well as drawing inks and watercolor. Projects include  acrylic painting, printmaking, mixed media, collage and book arts .
Students are always encouraged to maintain a sketch book.

Fall 2022 is currently full.

When: Openings are available Monday and Tuesdyas 10am-5pm
Who: kids 9 and up and adults
Cost: $50. per hour    Sessions for adults and homeschool students are flexible, meeting during the weekdays.

Email ameen to register - Please include your desired time slots.
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