Monday, October 26, 2020

Painting Series from travel photos

Classes are still on hold, I'll be back teaching in the studio sometime next year, but until then I am on sabbatical and hope you'll follow along.

My son headed off to college this summer and I quickly reclaimed his room.  A thorough scrub down revealed multiple work surfaces and good natural light! I added a rug and a nice quilt to the lofted bed and that was about it. My new studio space was ready.

In my last last blog post I shared my entry for the Dear Ballard greeting card fundraiser. That seems to have been the starting point for my new small body of work which I have titled #fromwhenwecouldtravel
I am so thankful for all the travel opportunities that I have had. Going through the thousands of photos brightens my days and fills me with inspiration. I had a watercolor block of blank postcards that I started with and have since moved onto a 5X7 block of watercolor paper. I get up everyday excited to make my morning Chai and get started! 

The journey starts in Burano, Italy....

A number 8 brush and whatever watercolors I had on hand.

Ikea road trip for some frames. 


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