Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Still Life Drawing Lesson

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For this lesson you'll need 3-5 glass bottles, jars and or containers of different sizes. At least one should have a square or rectangular bottom. In the first drawing place all your objects in a row with the tallest object in the middle.

1. Start drawing the tallest object by making small marks on the page to indicate the bottom and the top before you  begin the actual drawing.

2. When drawing the next object, compare its height to the first object and again make a small mark to show how tall it is. This is your reference mark to not not draw the oject larger than the mark!!!!! Compare them in width as well as how much space is between them. Is the object round on the bottom or square? The round jar needs to be drawn with a curved bottom as well as a curved top. The top is drawn as an oval or ellipse.  The green bottle has a square base as does our center bottle so those are drawn flat on gthe bottom. All 3 objects are round at the top and will be drawn as ellipses.

3. For the next Drawing stagger the objects to show one in front, one in the middle and one behind with all of them overlapping.

4. This time we'll start with the jar on the left which is in the middle as far as our back to front placement. We always compare objects to each other to get their proportions and placement correct. Use your pencil to take rough measurements. Notice the glass in front comes about half way up the jar. The small orange glass is behind the jar so it needs to be drawn slightly higher on the page to show that it is behind. The orange glass is still smaller than the large jar so make sure the top of it is lower than the the top edge of the jar. Remember to include a line that shows the back of the table. Pay attention to where the line is in relationship to your objects!

Let's do it again with colored chalk pastels. First in a row.

Then staggered. Draw right on top of each other to show the overlap. Be sure to use different colours.

My fancy set up! The ruler was my tripod for the first few videos!

Remember the basics, is it in front or behind? Compare objects to each other to draw the sizes accurately. Pay attention to height, width and shapes. pay attention the the base, is it round or flat?Use an odd number of objects and place the objects in an interesting arrangement.

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