Monday, October 14, 2019

Fall kids art classes

Starting the fall sessions with some back to basics drawing sessions before we move into the projects.
We did some large chair drawings in charcoal and then time to explore lines with bamboo pens and a curvy, wrought iron bistro chair as the subject. It was the end of the day and the kids were so focused as they drew with the bamboo pens.

Value and proportion while drawing curved and square glass vessels and paying close attention to placement.

From the summer a little free paint time at the end of the day with leftover paint.

 Quick figure studies using a manikin and chalk pastels.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Kids Fall Afterschool Art Classes

Fall art classes at Studio-Kids are now registering. All the information is on our classes page.

Here's a few shots from the beginning of summer and the 2-day Painting bootcamp with 1st-3rd graders. We started the camp with a Bicycle color wheel project. Students mixed all their colors for these paintings with just the primary colors, yellow, cyan and magenta. They mixed tints of their colors to finish the rest of the painting.

We reviewed and learned about primary colors, secondary colors, warm colors, cool colors, complimentary colors, analogous colors, tints, shades and so much more.

 A little black and yellow ochre were added to the mix.

I mix up the projects regularly but i do have my favorites for students that are new to my classes.
Still life arrangements with musical instruments is one of them. Everyone can relate to music. Students did a few thumb nail sketches of possible compositions before they could start sketching on their canvas. I help out with making small adjustments and usually just telling them to make everything larger and to fill the space.

The first stage of the painting is a base coat.

With our leftover paint at the end of the day, students worked on abstract compositions. A fun way to experiment with brush strokes, wet on wet effects with acrylic and color.

We finished camp with a group critique where all students could share their favorite part of the classmates work.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Kids Summer art camps are here!

Summer camps are now registering! Find all the information on the classes page.

I look forward to summer camps when students can dig deeper into projects and explore a theme in a variety of mediums over the course of consecutive days. Our backyard artist studio is an inspiring space where individuality is encouraged. Small class sizes allow for personal attention and safe space for the development of ideas and friendships.

We've been working on larger format block prints with a few of my private students. The block size is 8x8. I just love it!

Day 1: Our first session was spent with a quick brainstorming session for ideas. From the studio window our Weber Bbq is visible and that was one of the ideas my student had. His father loves to grill, so we took the idea and I had my student do 4-6 different thumbnail sketches. From there, he picked his favorite and we discussed composition, design elements and pattern. A few more sketches and he had a finished drawing an hour later. I like to use a sharpie to define which areas will be carved away.

Day 2:  The drawing was scaled up using a simple grid and put onto the carving block, the block carved and proofs printed both by hand and on the press. With its larger size, the proof pulled on the press gave us the best results.

Day 3: With everything in order in the studio we printed the edition. I have a table set up with the press in the middle. to one side is the ink and a place to roll up the plate. On the other side a separate table with a pile of printing paper torn down to the correct size and an area to put the finished prints.
Order is extremely important to insure a good flow and keep the prints clean.

Ta da!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Kids Summer Art Camps are here!

Kids Summer Art Camps are now registering. Find all the information on the classes page.
Class sizes are small and fill quickly!

The backyard is often the inspiration for spring art lessons. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and I had to have everyone paint them. This lesson is a great introduction to acrylic painting in an impressionist style suitable  for all ages.

Students had to mix a wide range of values to create depth in their paintings from a limited selection of colors on their pallet. Day one, students completed a base coat  with the deeper colors. Day two, students continue to paint and brighten up the canvas.

Paintings are 9x12 on canvas boards.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Summer art camps coming next week

Summer camps will be posted next week!!!!

Happy Mothers Day! If you have a child in one of my sessions, don't look at this post until monday!!!

April in my backyard is all about tulips and cherry blossoms. Students did 2 different acrylic painting projects with 2 different techniques. Students were given a limited color palette and a detailed demonstration on brush work.  Paintings are 4"x10" on heavy weight multi media paper. Each student did 2 paintings to surprise mom with on Mothers day. There were A LOT of beautiful tulips to choose from and it was hard to just pick 2 sets. A very successful project for everyone.

I have a class of younger students, I decided that I really liked their tulips as they were, so we skipped the blue background.

 I'll save the rest of the cherry blossoms for next weeks post.....

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Musical Artworks

One of my students is a cellist...

After experimenting with carving several small blocks it was time to work on multi color print. 

With reduction printmaking the colors are all printed from the same block. Starting with the lightest color. We experimented with colors on a separate piece of paper and decided on a palette of blue.

One of my private classes is made up of 4 siblings ranging in age from 6-11. We spent 2 sessions working on still life paintings of a guitar, keyboard and chair. We discussed composition and started with thumbnail sketches of different possibilities. There was a bit of frustration in the class so we finished the session with a group critique. Each student had to share their favorite part of each others work and could offer a piece of constructive feedback. Usually the parts of the painting that students are unhappy with are my favorite parts. The parts with he expressive brush strokes, the intuitive painting and raw edges.

The six year old was not happy with the results, I think its my favorite of the 4!

Nine years old.

Eleven years old.

10 years old.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Spring Kids Art Classes: Now enrolling!

Spring seems to finally be on its way in PNW! Spring Art Classes are now enrolling. All the details are on the classes page.

Students in all of my classes have been busy learning about printmaking and original prints. Here's a quick look at the Collograph prints made by the some my students. Students were given a choice of self portrait , city scape or their house. 

I have a small "baby press" that I use for printing. The press is always a big hit with the kids.

Printing plates are matt board scraps with paper collage to create  subtle variations in height.

My older students did self portraits.

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