Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Kids Summer Art Camps are enrolling

Summer Camps have a few open spots. Checkout the details on the classes page

Nothing like a quick trip to New York to re-charge the creative batteries.
Good art, a good friend, good food, good's a few black and white shots from my walks in Harlem, Central Park, Queens and Brooklyn.

More about this magical place in the next blog post!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Kids Summer Art Camps

Summer art camps  are now enrolling. Check out all the details on our classes page. Small class sizes fill up quickly!

We have had a buzy, beautiful spring in the studio. 
We took advantage of the beautiful weather to draw, paint and collage about tulips in the garden.

The following week we started our tissue paper impressionist inspired gardens.

Students tore yellow, greens, lilac and blue into strips and leaf shapes, then collaged them onto canvas with acrylic gloss medium. Starting with blue and yellow colors and building layers to create backgrounds and middle grounds. 

On day 2, students cut dark green stems and leaves and created their flowers. 

This is a great project for all ages. Students learn brush control, building layers, composition, observational skills and everyone makes something beautiful!

Our models.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Goldfish Fish Paintings. Inspired by Matisse

For this project students were inspired by Henri Matisse's Goldfish painting.  We re-created a setting in the studio to paint from. We learned about a complimentary color palette, drawing cylinders, and building layers of color. Students worked with liquid watercolors for a beautifully saturated finished product.

Step 1: Draw at least three thumb nail sketches to determine a composition and correct proportions. 

Step 2: Lightly sketch the composition onto water color paper.

Step 3: Start building layers of color starting with light washes. We started with leaves and stems, then areas that were blue.

Step 4: When the green and blue areas were dry, students started on the orange areas.

We keep scratch paper close by to test colors if needed.

The last step is going over  the original pencil lines in black ink. This project was done over the course of 3, 1 hour sessions

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Relief Printing

This is my new favorite project with the older students,  exploring radial symmetry in the form of handprinted tiles.

Their designs start with the block positioned like a diamond and the center line going from corner to corner. Students need to draw knowing that the sides will line up to create new shapes where corners meet and sides meet!

Planning, printing stations, and a tidy work area are crucial.

 Students print with multiple colors. I have the students works from dark to light and within a color family.

On the back of each block mark one corner as "top," this is really important to make sure the image is in registration.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Spring Art Class for Kids

The Spring session is now enrolling! Find all the info on our classes page.

Inspired by the paintings of Pablo Picasso, my 7-8 year old students created their "blue period, cubist guitar paintings." With just one pure blue, white and black paint, students had to mix at least 5 different tints, and one shade of blue for their paintings. We did this project over 2, 1 hour sessions.

Step 1: Thumbnail sketches on paper to decide on scale and composition. 
Step 2: Sketching with colored pencils onto the canvas boards. 
Step 3: Blocking in a quick base coat
Day 2:  Students painted over the base coat, being generous with their paint and allowing their brush strokes to show.

...and a few close ups because they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

after the first day....

My older class of 9-12 year old students worked on their "blue period, self portraits."
Step 1: We walked through the proper proportions for the face and  sketched with colored pencils onto canvas boards.
Step 2: With small brushes, dark blue paint and acrylic medium students went over their pencil sketches with dark blue paint
Step 3: Students mixed tints of blue and acrylic medium to add add tranparency to the paint and slow down the drying time, then continued work on the paintings to get a base coat in place.
Step 4: Finishing their paintings.

This student missed the first session so he only had 1 day. I love how it turned out and really wished I could have kept it for myself!


My students always inspire me! I had to go back into the studio that evening and do my own portrait. the hair is to big and i need to work on the shape of my face. Super fun to play in my sketch book at the end of the day.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kids Spring Art Classes

The Spring session is now enrolling! Find the details here.

We started this lesson looking at the work of Mark Rothko and talking about the Abstract expressionist movement, color theory, scale and the properties of oil paints on raw canvas.    

For our scaled down project students worked with oil pastels on good quality paper.

Applying the color in layers and overlapping where the colors came together. 

The final step was using q-tips and baby oil to blend the colors even more and have them saturate and bleed into the paper. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Matisse Inspired Collage

We are starting the year off with artist inspired projects. We read Drawing with Scissors and learned about Henri Matisse. Students created paper collages with their names.

Step one: breaking the background out into large shapes.

Step two: Medium shapes in the form of the students name. After moving around their shapes and trying out a few different compositions, students glued down their backgrounds and names.

Step three: Deciding on a "Matisse" inspired small shape and cutting out at least 8 of them to create pattern and repetition. Students also needed to include both positive and negative cutouts.

We had an extra 1/2 hour on the second day. To continue the lesson students worked on positive and negative cut outs. We started with simple geometric patterns in colors of their choice.

...and finished with more complex designs in black and white.

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