Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kids Spring Art classes now enrolling!

The Spring session is now enrolling, all the details are on our classes page.

The grey days of winter are the perfect time for life size colorful paintings.

Students worked in pairs tracing each other on large pieces of paper in a few different directions to create some abstract shapes.

 Starting with our primary colors...

...then mixing our secondary colors...

 Final step, outlining all our shapes in black.

Valentines inspired by american artist Robert Indiana.

Color wheels in the rain.

When we have left over paint its "free time!"

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Drawing with charcoal

The days are getting longer and the winter session is under way. Time to post pretty pictures of what  my middle school students are up to in the studio.

Still life of the day in charcoal and white chalk on some beautiful handmade paper I scored at  Seattle Re-Creative.


A delicate touch.

Charcoal is all about layers. Sketch, blend, add the highlights and finish with a few strong black strokes.

We started the session with quick 5 minute contour line drawings of sneakers.  Students were to try to keep their pencils on the paper at all times.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Handmade holidays

There are just a couple spots left in the Tuesday afternoon art class for  ages 12-15. Find the description and registration info here.

Festive and fun, hand carved, original relief prints for this years Christmas cards.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Kids winter art classes

Winter classes are posted here. Classes are small and fill up quickly!

The fall session is all wrapped up. Here's a few highlights…

American graffiti artist Keith Haring, was the inspiration for our first project of the fall session. Students worked in teams to trace each other and then filled in the negative space painting  as many different types of lines as they could think of. 

Kids in this class ranged in age from 5-8. Awesome work!

I wish we had the space to hang these all together.
A fun and successful lesson on line, positive and negative space.

I had to take advantage of all the beautiful fall colours.

After careful observation of our beautiful leaves, we discussed the organic forms and free flowing colors in the leaves and compared them to repeated structured patterns we had been creating in other projects. We also talked about the color wheel, warm and cool colors and complimentary colors. Not just a pile leaves!

Step 1: Oil pastel rubbings to get the outline of our leaves.
Step 2: Working wet on wet with liquid acrylic inks.
Step 3: Sprinkle salt onto the wet blue background ink and let them dry.

One of my favorite fall projects are pumpkin paintings inspired by Brazilian artist Romero Britto

Students had a restricted color palette and were encouraged to mix their colors to achieve a wide range of warm colours. I often have returning students, so we had substituted an apple for a pumpkin and changed the color palette to keep the project fresh.

Ta Da!

Some of the positive and negative paper cut outs put together for a striking graphic! 

One hour of art goes by very quickly and often i do not have time to take pictures! Luckily one student had held on to all the books we had me made this session and I got a quick shot. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Kids art class: Relief printmaking

Ready to carve! I have the students first sketch out a few possible ideas. We discuss what will work best as relief print and make adjustments to the drawing. A simple drawing with about a 50/50 ratio of positive and negative space. 

Clearly mark out the areas. Carving is fun and its easy to get carried away!

Roll, burnish, print...repeat.

Pick a colour any colour!

Rainbow rolls...

Just keep printing...

An edition of original prints.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Painting a Still Life

Just a couple weeks before the fall session starts. Classes are almost full with a nice balance of returning students and new students. Here some shots from  the 9-12 year olds acrylic painting day of summer camp. 

Our fresh from the garden still life. The palette of colours is careful chosen so that we can learn about cool colours, tints and shades.  

The first step is a quick sketch in pencil crayon to establish a composition and correct proportions.
students are then ready to block out the main shapes with colour.

Love the variety of brush strokes and colours.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Art Camp: Handmade books

Fall art classes begin September 26th. Sign up today.

Here's some hi-lights from the middle school book-arts camp that took place earlier in the summer.

Collaging cards lesson is all about choosing a colour palette and creating a composition.

I LOVE paper...

The collection for the week included a Japanese stab bound journal, a pamphlet style binding, an accordian fold book, small match book notebooks and cards.

Creating lines and textures with the sewing machine.

We used my embossing gun and metallic powders for adding details to covers and cards. 

Handcarved wooden blocks from India.

Match book style notebooks were a big hit. Zero waste!

View from the loft...
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