Thursday, June 26, 2014

August kids art camps in Seattle

Just a few spots left for the August summer camps. Check out our classes page for all the details.

So excited about the new addition to the studio! I have been wanting this little baby press for years.
Printmaking was my focus for many years so I am looking forward to making collographs, monotypes and relief prints with the kids.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Art summer camps for kids in Ballard

Summer camps are now registering.

Check out the classes page for all the details and remember to sign up soon. Classes at Studio-kids are small.

Its has been a busy spring at Studio-kids, we have been busy with after school classes, homeschool classes and private students. I love seeing how proud students are of their art work.

Masks using found objects by students age 5-6

Exploring value tones in ink by one of my middle school students.

 Monkey in a jar! 

Still life with a Tulip by Garrison, 5.

Self portrait during "free draw" by Nora, 5. Love those lashes!

Still life with Poppy by one of my homeschool students,13.

Jalen's tulip still life, 10 years old.

 From a family session, mom did this one!

 Monet inspired bridge in progress...

Have you met Poofy? She looks EXACTLY like this!
By Harriet, 10.

Self portraits in the spirit of Picasso.

"Louis Nevelson" is our inspiration.

 Matisse inspired still life.

Busy at work with oil pastels on black paper, these were beautiful!

Self portraits for my daughters collaborative auction project.

A Matisse inspired mural by both my homeschool classes. Students ages 5-13 covered a whole wall. They loved seeing all of their work come together to make one big piece!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kids Art Classes

Spring Art classes are now enrolling, there are just a few spots left. Be sure to check out the classes page for all the details. 

Here's a few more shots of our Picasso inspired portraits.

"Can I be a Cyclops?" Of course!

"Can I make my hair like a mohawk?" Of course!


One of our palettes...

Ruby and the girls getting some sun. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

School Art Auction projects

Its auction time at North Beach Elementary in Seattle. Here is our line up of masterpieces for 2014!

 Both 5th grade classes collaborated on their fondest memory of the year!

 ..tissue paper, collage, beads, sequins, glow in the dark sparkles and wax...

 Fireworks over Seattle by both 4th grade classes. 

 Room 13's 3rd grade class and their oil pastel self portraits.

 Room 14's 3rd grade class also did self portraits in oil pastel.

 a close up shot...

Room 7's 2nd grade class made  terra cotta beads,  thanks to mom Kelly Gargour for putting this beautiful basket  together.

Room 2's 2nd grade class , a stunning bowl made clay hands decorated by the kids. Thanks to mom Chieni McCullogh for taking this on!

Both 1st grade classes, "Put Your Hands Together!" Oil pastel, beads and wax.

close up...

and" Hearts Abound," acrylic on canvas by all  our Kinders.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kids Art Classes in Seattle

Winter session starts Monday, January 27th! 
Just a few spots open, check the classes page and register soon...

Poofy is looking perky and preparing to pose.....

Painting hearts inspired by american contemporary artist Jim Dine.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kids Art Classes, winter session is now enrolling!

Check out the classes page and sign up today.

 still life with Hydrangea, acrylic on wood

Picasso inspired self portraits

sculpture time

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Art Classes Now Enrolling!

 ...check out the classes page for details.

Here's a few more things from this years summer camps.

We looked at the work of Frida Khalo  before students started their own portraits. They were asked to add something to the background that was special to them as well as a banner that had their name on it and anything else they wanted to write.

Elena age 7

Torin Age 7 

Cole age 8
Our first step was carefully observing  ourselves in the mirror. We then tackled our portraits step by step, observing all the proportions of our features. Portraits were outlined with black marker and then filled in with oil pastel and water soluble crayons.

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