Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Art Ideas for self isolation

The studio has been closed for a few weeks now and I am missing all the creative energy my students bring. I'll be checking in towards the end of April and hope to have an opening date then. Until then #stayhome and get creative. Draw anything. Start in the kitchen and pick a few things and draw (paint, collage, sculpt) the same thing 3 different ways. Don't forget to have something in the background and some space in the foreground.

With my private students we had just finished up a few weeks of still life studies.

We started with continuous contour line drawings (no lifting your pencil from the paper) of the pear and limes. Draw slowly, pay close attention to all the details, more time should be spent observing the subject than the actual drawing.

Students then used a "sketched line" to draw the same still life and added shadows.

...and then we did our watercolor studies. Start with a limited palette of colors and learn the full range of of what they can do!

My 9th grade student.

My 4th grade student.

Our models.

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