Saturday, October 2, 2021

Decorate with art

Summer/fall 2021, its been so nice to finally be able to visit some of my family and dear friends in beautiful British Columbia. Here's a few highlights of their art collections!!!!
Acrylic on canvas 20"x20"

From the barber shop series, "Figaro Style", Commercial Drive, Vancouver

"The Roosevelt Hotel", Vancouver....probably NOT where you'll want to stay...

A little pepper....4"x6" watercolor on paper

My personal favorite "Continental Barbers," Commercial Drive, Vancouver. Stone lithograph, Sold out.
I love that my dear friends own this one and that Alan used to get his hair cut here.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Reflections on the Sunset Hill Walking Art Fair

The studio got a deep clean and was transformed into a lovely gallery space last month for the Sunset Hill Walking Art Fair. A huge thank you to all who turned out to make it such a success. It was fun to see some former students and meet some potential students who are so patiently waiting for classes to begin again. I am holding off till at least Jan. 2022 but will continue with updates here. I'l be busy with my own work and exploring new projects for students.

The final touches for the Art Fair.

The main walls even got a fresh coat of paint!

Getting ready....

A stack of over 100 5X7 water colors does not occupy much space. I framed about 25 pieces and matted all the rest and slipped them into 8x10 sleeves. Unframed pieces were spread out on table tops on the patio and in the studio. It was so rewarding to see everything presented!

Deciding what to frame!!!!

From the drawers....

 The studio/gallery is open by appointment. You can contact me through my website

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Watercolor Family Portraits

One of the surprises of working through my 100 day project has been the family portraits. I didn't set out to paint family portraits but I now have a growing little set! 
I start with a pencil sketch and then either black ink pen or straight to watercolor.  My 100 day project is all 5x7 painting based on my own travel photos from over the years.  Please do check out my website to see them all and follow me on Instagram @ameendhillonart

Watercolor can be manipulated on the fabrics but faces have to be done very carefully. I usually prefer to capture the gesture and try not to go into detail but occasionally I get carried away. 

Added some more saturation to the colors, the stencil background and shadows.

Thought I was finished but added just a bit more.

  Quick shot of some of the others. 

Three Figures Crossing The Zambezi, My People in Venice, My People in Burano, Lunch Stop Botswana

Lounging at a Cafe in Amman

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

How to upcycle and frame small artwork


I framed these for a good client of mine. She wanted to use a frame she had on hand. It was an inexpensive frame from the 90's that came with three matt board window openings. The plexiglass is thin.
My only regret is not putting in real glass. My local hardware store is no more, they were the best and reasonable priced for custom glass cuts. I get my matt board for free at the local frame store. The keep a bin of off cuts. These are great for all sorts of projects and FREEEEE!

The finished piece. These are my original watercolor paintings, each 5x7 on cold press 140lb watercolor paper. Do check out my website for lots more art Original artwork, especially if the paper has a deckle or torn edge looks beautiful mounted in a shadow box style frame where the artwork is raised slightly to appear to float within the frame.

Gather your materials and stretch them out on a clean table. Ruler, pencil, white plastic erasure, acid free tape, hot glue gun, white matt board that matches or compliments the artwork, acid free foam core pieces cut to slightly smaller than the artwork.

Coil the tape and put it the 4 corners of the foam core. Center your artwork and gently add pressure so that it sticks. Keep a clean piece of paper on top of the artwork and gently burnish the taped areas with your hand. This keeps the oils and any dirt from you hands from getting on the art. Mount all three paintings and set aside.

I replaced the original backing with sturdy matt board making sure it was larger than the opening so that it would attach across the back of the frame. Measure and place the paintings keeping an equal space at the top, bottom and sides. paces between the paintings should be slightly less. I left 1 1/4 inches around the edges. I put very light pencil marks in the bottom corners only. Put coiled tape on the back of the foam core squares and attach to the matt board. After they are mounted and the measurements look good erase your pencil marks. Now let's put it all together, hot glue the plexi glass to the inside of the frame. Attach the matt board to the back of the frame, before securing it in place check for dust, debree and  fingerprints within the frame.  Attach the matt board to the back of the frame,  I used the existing clips and a staple gun for the side without clips. 

 For light frames I attach fishing line with a staple gun and knot it in place for hanging.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Valentines crafting, Emroidered Felt Hearts

I wasn't in the Christmas spirit at all this year. No cards or  cookies with friends... But its Valentine's day and there are a lot of special ladies in my life so tomorrow I'll be doing some porch drop offs.

Plum Preserves from our tree, 84 lbs of plums last year!!!!

I've been busy crafting these little cuties.

They started as Christmas ornaments , our tree was looking a little bare and I had wanted all handmade ornaments. The hearts started in January.

I keep everything in  a little tin, super portable. Usually I make a couple when we watch a show.

I have a new website for my art, With my studio temporarily closed I've been busy with my own work. I stenciled a bunch of the paper offcuts from my paintings for little Valentine tags.

My current favorite stencil and stencil/tooth brush.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Small Figurative Watercolor Paintings

Hello friends! My forced sabbatical continues into 2021. It was a very productive fall and I am looking forward to positive changes coming for 2021. 

I have a new website up to sell and share my personal work. I'd love it if you checked it out Let me know what you think. 

I am currently on day 40 of my 100 days of art challenge on instagram. Here's a few pieces that were done early on. To see them all follow me on Instagram @ameendhillonart

I was playing with a stencil I had and then added a single figure and loved the way the 2 came together. The abstract background gives a sense of space to the figures without being specific. A reference to a tiled wall or floor or an embroidered fabric. 
All images are from my own photos of India, specifically the state of Punjab. Paintings are original 5"x7" watercolors. 

Riding Gear 5X7 watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

Posing for a Picture 5X7 watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

 Dinner Prep 5X7 watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

Mother  5X7 watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

 Her Lilac Sari 5X7 watercolor on cold press watercolor paper

Mummiji 5X7 watercolor on cold press watercolor paper


Thursday, November 19, 2020

100 Day Art Challenge and Travel Log

 I have officially started a 100 day art challenge, I hope you'll follow along IG account

During the next 100 days I'll be posting a 5X7 watercolour painting each day. Some days it'll be a work in progress, other days a finished piece. All inspired by my travel photos from over the years. I have A LOT of travel photos. I am always documenting thinking I'll draw from them. Usually a small body of work or sketchbook studies happen during or just after a trip and then  I move on to something else. Well, I am so thankful to have all these photos to flip through. 

Summer of 2019 we did a month long self drive road trip through Botswana. Starting and finishing in Johannesburg, throughout Botswana to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  No guides, no fancy safari camps, just an Overland vehicle and our family of 4! It was a total adventure and we can't wait to get back to Africa.

We camped at Planet Baobao, Gweta, Botswana, just follow the signs...this place was awesome! One of the coolest campsites we have ever been to and a welcome treat after camping in the bush!
The most beautiful painted rondovals and of course the Baobao trees are incredible.

Day 1

Day 2

A day trip to Victoria Falls, we couldn't drive in because our rental was only insured for Botswana and South Africa. We planned a day trip from Senyati Safari Camp to Victoria Falls, its not very far but much simpler to go with a pre-arranged driver through the camp. Crossing borders in Africa isn't exactly straight forward, we appreciated having someone else drive. 

Day 3

I'm not much of a shopper at home in Seattle. I like to keep up with basics and  hit the thrift store on a regular basis. But when I travel I generally buy a large cheap duffle bag to bring home the haul. Carry on bags only on the way there and checked bags coming home.  I was quite happy supporting the crafts people on our trip!

Day 4

...and a few more from Botswana

This bridge crosses the Zambizi river from Zimbabwe into Zambia. Had to cross it, what we did not do was Bungy Jump off the bridge.

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