Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Kids Summer and Fall art classes, Seattle

I'll be offering limited private sessions during the last 2 weeks of August and into September this year.    Email Ameen and lets book some dates. Kids 8 and up, $50 per hour. We'll work on drawing skills, printmaking projects and color theory. 

Relief print coming off the press! We'll work from still life set ups in the studio. We'll start with a few thumb nail sketches to get quick composition ideas and then develop a drawing that will be successful as a carved relief print. 
Working with just yellow, blue , magenta, white and black. This project covers a lot! Compostion, drawing from a still life, setting up a still life, drawing for accuracy and color theory. 12x18 Acrylic on canvas.
Block printing a repeating tile pattern, one of my favorites introductions to block printing.
A few of my sample blocks carved from wee scraps!

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