Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Drawing lessons

Bicycle studies to kick off the fall session. This lesson is all about composition, different types of lines, creating value with charcoal, and getting messy. Once they have their 3 boxes drawn, i take away the erasers! Mistakes are opportunities to continue your drawing.

Students start by doing 3, 5 minute studies in pencil.

The first study is a contour line drawing of the entire bicycle.

The second study, I ask students to do a close up of one part of the bicycle.

Often, students do not zoom in very close, the 3rd study is another close up of a different part of the bicycle. A second chance to zoom in on details.

Students then have about 1/2 hour to do a detailed charcoal study of the bicycle on the rest of the page.


  1. drawing is a wonderful way of bringing out what kids imagine and it surely increases their brilliance. such tips would be very useful to parents in helping their children flourish. thanks to you for such an effort

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