Monday, November 20, 2017

Paul Cezanne Apples

I love to have the students work from real life. For this lesson I set up a still life of apples on a plate with a colorful table cloth. We talked about Paul Cezanne and looked at photos of his apple paintings and then got started on our own apple still life paintings.

Week one, we penciled in our whole picture, painted the apples and outlines with a combination of tempera and acrylic paints so that they would be very rich color.

Week 2, students added some oil pastel pattern to the backgrounds and then painted with water color inks for a really saturated, vibrant finish.

I used 11x 14 multi media paper thats holds up nicely to the paint.

Students were encouraged to draw big and cover the entire page so that there was very little white paper showing.

1 comment:

  1. wow..these apples are really rich in colors. how you paint them? your paintings are different with so many bold colorings. I will share it with my friends and family ciricle.


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