Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kids Summer Art Camps

2 spots have opened up for next weeks art camp! 7-9 year olds, Monday to Thursday from 1-4. 

I am back from an amazing 3 week vacation and feeling so inspired! My family had the pleasure of spending the day at The Collateral Repair Project in Amman, Jordan. The staff at CRP are doing amazing work with refugees. Summer camp for the kids was filled with activities putting smiles on kids faces that have been through so much. My daughter and I lead a fun portrait painting class with kiddoes😍 

We started by drawing our portraits in crayon.

Kids were encouraged to be creative with their color use and to fill the page with color.

Heart breaking to see a little one paint tears on her portrait.

We had a large group of 24 kids ages 6-9.

One of the finished portraits.

CRP also has a daycare where younger children can play while their parents meet with volunteers, attend workshops or classes.
Check out their website, become a monthly or one time donor at  


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