Thursday, November 19, 2020

100 Day Art Challenge and Travel Log

 I have officially started a 100 day art challenge, I hope you'll follow along IG account

During the next 100 days I'll be posting a 5X7 watercolour painting each day. Some days it'll be a work in progress, other days a finished piece. All inspired by my travel photos from over the years. I have A LOT of travel photos. I am always documenting thinking I'll draw from them. Usually a small body of work or sketchbook studies happen during or just after a trip and then  I move on to something else. Well, I am so thankful to have all these photos to flip through. 

Summer of 2019 we did a month long self drive road trip through Botswana. Starting and finishing in Johannesburg, throughout Botswana to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  No guides, no fancy safari camps, just an Overland vehicle and our family of 4! It was a total adventure and we can't wait to get back to Africa.

We camped at Planet Baobao, Gweta, Botswana, just follow the signs...this place was awesome! One of the coolest campsites we have ever been to and a welcome treat after camping in the bush!
The most beautiful painted rondovals and of course the Baobao trees are incredible.

Day 1

Day 2

A day trip to Victoria Falls, we couldn't drive in because our rental was only insured for Botswana and South Africa. We planned a day trip from Senyati Safari Camp to Victoria Falls, its not very far but much simpler to go with a pre-arranged driver through the camp. Crossing borders in Africa isn't exactly straight forward, we appreciated having someone else drive. 

Day 3

I'm not much of a shopper at home in Seattle. I like to keep up with basics and  hit the thrift store on a regular basis. But when I travel I generally buy a large cheap duffle bag to bring home the haul. Carry on bags only on the way there and checked bags coming home.  I was quite happy supporting the crafts people on our trip!

Day 4

...and a few more from Botswana

This bridge crosses the Zambizi river from Zimbabwe into Zambia. Had to cross it, what we did not do was Bungy Jump off the bridge.

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