Thursday, February 11, 2021

Valentines crafting, Emroidered Felt Hearts

I wasn't in the Christmas spirit at all this year. No cards or  cookies with friends... But its Valentine's day and there are a lot of special ladies in my life so tomorrow I'll be doing some porch drop offs.

Plum Preserves from our tree, 84 lbs of plums last year!!!!

I've been busy crafting these little cuties.

They started as Christmas ornaments , our tree was looking a little bare and I had wanted all handmade ornaments. The hearts started in January.

I keep everything in  a little tin, super portable. Usually I make a couple when we watch a show.

I have a new website for my art, With my studio temporarily closed I've been busy with my own work. I stenciled a bunch of the paper offcuts from my paintings for little Valentine tags.

My current favorite stencil and stencil/tooth brush.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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