Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Private Art Classes for Kids in Seattle

 Tiptoeing my way back into classes!

That was fast!!! Private sessions are full for now!!!

One on one classes start with the basics. Drawing with pencil, charcoal and inks students look closely at still life arrangements in the studio. Comparing daily use objects with each other, students are looking closely at size, curves and angles to accurately re-create the arrangement.

We then progress to more detailed studies and look at shadows and high lights.

Quick studies with bamboo in pens and a focus on line quality.

The same subject but with water soluble pencils.


Please contact Ameen for more details and scheduling. Private sessions are offered to fully vaccinated students. All materials are provided. $50 per hour.


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  2. Engaging in art classes again! It's amazing how quickly the private sessions got filled up! These one-on-one sessions focus on the fundamentals, exploring pencil, charcoal, and inks. Students closely observe still life arrangements, comparing everyday objects to master size, curves, and angles for accurate recreations. For assistance with essay writing services, feel free to seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals.


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