Monday, May 2, 2022

Coffee Art and Relief Printmaking

 One of my favorite still life subjects with students is this little red Bialetti Moka Pot. Not just because it makes the most delicious coffee but it is just so darn cute. This beautiful linocut is by a 5th grade artist!


8"x8" edition size of only 20 original prints

A little more carving after the image was proofed.

Ready to print!

Ready to carve!

The finalized drawing. The first step was a series of thumbnail sketches to quickly determine a composition. Then the drawing was developed keeping in mind which areas would be carved away.

This original Linocut Print is an edition size of 20, prints are available for sale $75. with the total amount going directly to the artist, my 5th grade student. Please reach out me at for details if you are interesting in purchasing and supporting this very talented young artist.


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    Coffee art and relief printmaking, a unique marriage of two distinct artistic realms, creates a sensory masterpiece. The rich, earthy tones of coffee become a medium for intricate relief prints, merging aroma and aesthetics. This unconventional fusion invites a sensory journey, where every stroke tells a caffeinated tale, stimulating both sight and smell.


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