Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Watercolor Family Portraits

One of the surprises of working through my 100 day project has been the family portraits. I didn't set out to paint family portraits but I now have a growing little set! 
I start with a pencil sketch and then either black ink pen or straight to watercolor.  My 100 day project is all 5x7 painting based on my own travel photos from over the years.  Please do check out my website to see them all and follow me on Instagram @ameendhillonart

Watercolor can be manipulated on the fabrics but faces have to be done very carefully. I usually prefer to capture the gesture and try not to go into detail but occasionally I get carried away. 

Added some more saturation to the colors, the stencil background and shadows.

Thought I was finished but added just a bit more.

  Quick shot of some of the others. 

Three Figures Crossing The Zambezi, My People in Venice, My People in Burano, Lunch Stop Botswana

Lounging at a Cafe in Amman


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