Friday, July 2, 2021

Reflections on the Sunset Hill Walking Art Fair

The studio got a deep clean and was transformed into a lovely gallery space last month for the Sunset Hill Walking Art Fair. A huge thank you to all who turned out to make it such a success. It was fun to see some former students and meet some potential students who are so patiently waiting for classes to begin again. I am holding off till at least Jan. 2022 but will continue with updates here. I'l be busy with my own work and exploring new projects for students.

The final touches for the Art Fair.

The main walls even got a fresh coat of paint!

Getting ready....

A stack of over 100 5X7 water colors does not occupy much space. I framed about 25 pieces and matted all the rest and slipped them into 8x10 sleeves. Unframed pieces were spread out on table tops on the patio and in the studio. It was so rewarding to see everything presented!

Deciding what to frame!!!!

From the drawers....

 The studio/gallery is open by appointment. You can contact me through my website

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